Time doesn’t heal everything

Time doesn't heal everything

Time doesn't heal everything

The people usually say that time heals everything, but I know that’s not true. Pain does not disappear over time, you have to accept it, you have to integrate it and work to heal it, only time is not capable to heal anything just as time is not capable to heal an open wound, if we don’t treat the wound, the wound will never heal. Time is essential in recovery, but if we do nothing to treat the problem as we do with a physical ailment the emotional ailments will only worsen.

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We are losing empathy

Nietzsche has a famous phrase that says: “God is dead”, as pagans we know that the Gods are much more than alive. But something tells me that in that sentence I have to replace “God” with “empathy”, perhaps the empathy is not completely dead yet, but it is dying, and we are killing it a little bit together.

The importance of empathy

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The Cult of the Body

I wake up, get up and go to the bathroom. Suddenly I find myself in front of the mirror watching me, seeing if I have any new imperfection that I have to worry about before going out into the street. It’s almost like a ritual I’ve been doing since high school, more or less since I was fully aware of my appearance. I remember that I have always worried about my appearance. From a very young age, I was the one who chose the clothes I wore or the haircut I wanted (I thank my mother for not repeating the pattern of imposition that my grandmother made with her).

For a long time all I cared about was liking myself, or, rather, the things I chose I liked, because I think that the sense of self-perception for such a small child is a bit big. With the arrival of the institute, at age eleven, things changed: I did not worry so much about the decisions I didn’t like, as they were not strange to others. The first pressure on my body came when the reactions of those composing my environment were not negative. Fortunately, I still loved me too much for it to affect me. It was nothing that I could not handle in relation to things that I had never planned about my body and to which I gave the reason to or my pride because I liked me.

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