About me

I am Roble Tormenta, I discovered Wicca in 2004 and in 2014 I went into the Nativist Correllian Tradition of Wicca. I am currently a First Degree Priest and I am studying Second Degree.When they gave me The World of Wizards and The Witches and Wizards by Anton and Mina Adams, the little I read about Wicca in those books awoke something in me, or rather gave name and order to many of the things I thought and believed. After that I continued reading and researching, jostling between books and the Internet until I got to where I am today.

I’ve never been the typical boy. I didn’t like football, nor did most sports like the rest of the guys from my environment. I always preferred to play with the girls, they were more creative games. I have never behaved like a “macho” or any of those ideas and preconceptions that society usually has about what the boys should be like. From a very young age I have been asked if I was gay, or at least people who did not know me at all, precisely because of my “mannerisms”. During my adolescence I never felt attraction to anyone of the same sex until I turned 17. A friend introduced me to a boy with whom she had many things in common and was bisexual. Although we were always with more friends, I always ended up talking more with him than with others. So little by little I began to like and eventually discover that I was also bisexual. Fortunately my environment and my family had no great problems accepting it. Before him, I had always had girlfriends and relationships with girls only, but from then on I reconnected a part of me that I did not know existed.

All these processes of self-discovery and of relating to others did not involve any trauma or something too complex for me. Because I have always had an open mind and my spirituality increased that attitude, everything happened very fluidly. This is largely due to Eros. I have always felt a special affinity with the Greek pantheon and once working with a different aspect of the God this one presented like Eros.

Eros has meant in my way a guide and a companion. He has become a deity guardian of many aspects of my life. Thanks to him, to the devotion that I have been giving him for years, along with rituals, meditations, prayers, etc. I have been able to overcome and understand some very complicated moments in my life, and there have been few. Once looking for information about Him I found a few verses of Sappho that led me to read the first lyric poetísa of history. For her I understood that what the heart asks for, that what one desires, should not be questioned, what we feel is that, but what we must understand and analyze is what we do with those emotions.

Every time something seemed to linger in my relationships, in my emotions or in my sexuality, Eros has come to get me flying out of there and teach me how to overcome it. I have never felt an energy equal to yours in any of the other aspects of the gods with which I have had contact and for that reason I think it is so easy for me to recognize when its energy is present there, in the most unexpected moments of my lifetime.

I want this diary to be an example of how devotion to Eros has positively transformed many areas of my life.[:]