About this diary

In the Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance she was presented a song for the Equinox that has gone beyond the Reclaiming Collective over Wicca and many of the Goddess’s spiritual traditions. It is a simple song but with a great power that is repeated as a mantra: “She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.” It’s curious but when I think about Eros I feel that song is also fulfilled with Him. Once you have connected with Him in a very deep level nothing of what is under his domain is not again the same, or at least you never feel it again in the same way. Once Eros has touched you, He change your way of experiencing sex, affective relationships and even the relationship with yourself forever.

I have found in many moments of my life where I have felt Him very present. Again, as with the Goddess, I have found that “all acts of love and pleasure are their rituals.” For example, it is a wonderful thing to be having sex and right at the moment of orgasm the sensation is enhanced by feeling Eros there, present, wrapping everything, enveloping each cell of your being and burning that moment of absolute pleasure in your mind. But it can also be something diametrically opposite, but meaningful, when you fall into a very low moment and you are able to feel in a deeper way all that only by knowing that He is there. It gives you an awareness of what you feel enormously great.

In this diary what I think is to write about those everyday experiences where I feel Eros, where I approach Him. I want to show something that is often spoken in Wicca, or at least they taught me in this way: the path of the Gods is something experiential, beyond the knowledge contained in the books. That is why I will tell small bits of myself and Eros, because once He touches you nothing else is the same again. It will be personal experiences, from there, that this space becomes a personal diary within the Shrine of Eros. I don’t pretend that others emulate my experience, but I want to encourage others to live the Gods in their day to day life because, in this way, life is never be the same.