Heal the shadow of bisexuality

The LGBTQ + community is underrepresented globally in society. But if we enter into the great rainbow spectrum that form the different sexual orientations and genres we see that bisexuality is still invisible even within the collective itself. As a result of this invisibility, bisexual people can develop many problems regarding their sexuality and their own identity, but witchcraft can be a way to heal those wounds.

Heal the shadow of bisexuality

One of the biggest problems that bisexual people endure is dealing with the fact that their sexual orientation does not seem to exist. In its eagerness to simplify everything to the extreme, society usually confines people to heterosexuals or homosexuals, at best and that system, usually limit everything only to the first option. Thus we find that every rule pushes bisexual people to behave in one way or another just to facilitate their relationships with other people.

Bisexual people experience that feeling that nobody knows you completely, that you are not living the life you want completely and that there are moments that you get to forget who you are are the result of that simplification. There comes a time when they feel so much inside the closet that they do not have the strength to pronounce their sexual orientation out loud, because nobody takes it seriously, because sometimes they can not even feel that they take it seriously.

If nobody takes you seriously as a whole person, how are you going to take yourself seriously as a whole person? You feel lost, you have nowhere to go. There are no bisexual communities, there are no common points, no genealogy, no references. On television, whoever is bisexual is a bad person or was actually homosexual or heterosexual but was going through a phase of experimentation or confusion.

In this way bisexual people come to feel that part of what they are is just an anecdote, that their true identity is what best fits their personality for the eyes of society, either to one side or the other. There is no symbolic rupture as homosexual people can experience, there is no rejection of something imposed because that is also part of bisexuality.

Suddenly it is being in a limbo. It is having a small voice that constantly reminds you that you do not belong to this world, nor to the other, no matter where you are. But fortunately those of us who devote ourselves to witchcraft know limbos, limits, margins. Witchcraft is by definition a liminal, marginal practice, for centuries.

There is much talk of working with the shadow within different currents of witchcraft, Wicca and various branches of paganism. We can usually read that the shadow are “negative” aspects of our personality such as envy or anger or that they are insecurities or fears. We are rarely told that working with the shadow also has to do with raising who we are.

Bring strength and impetus to feel proud of who we are, to lose the fear of saying that we are bisexual, to fight to be taken seriously and not to become an intermediate phase in the eyes of others, not be a fetish or an anecdote for couples who have.

Right now, as our society is built, its referents and spaces, bisexuality has been reduced to a shadow, something that has been nullified, rendered invisible, repressed. From witchcraft we have the tools to be able to heal those wounds and be able to express our sexuality to the world, to affirm that bisexuality is part of the identity as anything else and that we are 100% sure about it.

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