Transgender in perfect love and perfect trust

The Wiccan Rede Wicca begins: “Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust. Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.” And maybe because it is the first thing that is read in it, it is precisely the first thing that is forgotten or the least important. And I say this considering that many times we make the same mistakes as people who do not know or follow the Rede and we do not create spaces of perfect love and perfect confidence. At the beginning of the Transgender Visibility Week, we wrote an article talking about the situation of transsexualism within paganism and today, coinciding with the International Transgender Day Of Visibility, we want to take up part of the theme.

Transgender in perfect love & perfect trust

During the last days we have been sharing information so that trans people can have a better spiritual experience in the world of paganism and Wicca. Now we would like to focus on those who do not belong to the trans community and what we should do. And yes, I said we must because it is a duty that we must respect and encourage as a fundamental part of our rights as human beings.

Most of the time we talk about “in perfect love and in perfect trust” we find that we talk about how to manage the community or how to lead or be part of a group or coven. There is a lot of emphasis on forging bonds of trust, of creating friendships and of making the members of your magical or spiritual family end up becoming almost members of your own family. They also talk about secrets, lies and many other things to facilitate basic human relationships.

The problem is that sometimes with the basics is not enough. They can reach us people who need us to create a space where they feel safe and comfortable to develop that love and that trust because that is where everything or almost everything is rather hostile. They rarely talk to us about how to make safe spaces for people who have had a bad time, such as promoting the spiritual and emotional healing of those people since they begin to relate to us.

I believe that a large part of our work or our spiritual vocation must reside many times not only in helping us to heal and integrate our own shadow, but also the collective shadow and that of others. Part of that work must be linked to transgender people and ensure that they can enjoy a space of perfect love and perfect confidence where they can fully develop, where they can express who they are without fear of being judged.

Today more than ever we must claim our transgender brothers and sisters as brothers and sisters and just as we would with a family member, make sure they feel good, that they have what they need and that they do not have to fear or worry before us. I hope today means change so that many of them can take the step and feel comfortable with each other, because that will mean that we have created a space that meets their needs and we will be helping them and also us because we are all part of the same universe and we are part of each beat, of each particle, of every second of everything that exists.

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