The Observatory

About us

The Pagan Observatory of Eros is a project promoted by the Shrine of Eros and in collaboration with other entities of paganism that seeks to become an instrument for the promotion of values ​​of respect for sexual, gender and emotional diversity with special attention in the pagan community and encompassing it in the whole of society to have a more complete vision. We are a non-profit group whose purpose is to protect and promote the basic rights to live fully regardless of the sexual, gender or emotional condition of all people, but with special emphasis on pagans.

Our objetive

The purpose of the Pagan Observatory of Eros is to study and research, disseminate, teach, promote and act on issues, problems and dynamics about sexuality, gender and emotions and their development within the pagan community.

Witches are, by definition, liminal persons, we have always found ourselves both in the limits of populations and in the limits of society. The pagans of the present have also inherited this characteristic by being marginalized by spiritual and social currents today. Almost in an implicit way in this definition we find ourselves in an area of ​​social vulnerability to today to suffer discrimination or risks of adaptation only by our beliefs. If we add that much of the pagan community are women or part of the LGBTQ collective that risk increases. As it also increases when certain emotional or mental disorders or situations are suffered or passed.

Our spirituality and our beliefs provide us with very valuable and necessary tools to deal with problems in all these areas. But in order to know where we should focus our efforts and energies we must know where the problems arise, where we need to put more attention to help normalize the diversity that so enriches our community. It is therefore necessary to record and quantify the reality that we face in order to fight against everything that impedes our development in all areas.

For all this our work will focus on:

  • The study of the public dynamics, processes and emergencies of the pagan community itself to react immediately to particular facts and structural changes in relation to sexuality, gender and emotions.
  • The analysis of topologies, institutions, narratives and discourses within paganism to process and monitor information its resignification on the events and actions of the general society and how they impact on the pagan community centering on our area of ​​interest. Subsequently we will compare, analyze and interpret this information both globally and within paganism.
  • The evaluation of ethical criteria within the pagan community to integrate and defend the rights with respect to sexuality, gender and emotions.
  • The formation of initiatives related to communication and the defense of basic rights and freedoms in the field in which this observatory is focused.
  • The development of research, reports, statistics and studies as a fundamental weapon of action. Knowing where the mismatches are we will be able to act in a more just and efficient way.