Welcome to the Shrine of Eros

The Sanctuary of Eros works in a Wiccan paradigm but does not belong to any specific tradition at present. The Sanctuary is located in Salamanca (Castilla y León, Spain) under the care of its guardian and first priest Oak Storm.

Since it’s founding on August 18, 2015 we have been working to initiate a change in the pagan community. After a devotional work of Roble Tormenta to Eros felt the call to found this Shrine, thus we try to establish bases and to rescue the worship of Eros for our present. Calling attention to issues of gender, love and sexuality linked to paganism became the main reason for creating a space open to all.

Feel free to participate, collaborate and propose with us. Throw yourself without fear, or do it with him, in order to be free and integrate him into the most perfect form of love: yours. Our motto is “All acts of love are sacred” and we want to encourage you to experience that love in all its forms. Do it in the way that it can help you live as happily as possible for you. Delight in love, in desire, in sex, and know the most perfect freedom under the wings of Eros.

Love With Us.