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Monthly Devotions to Eros 2023

Monthly Devotions to Eros in 2023

Whether you are a devotee of Eros, just beginning to connect with Him, or just curious about Eros, devotion is the most basic and powerful practice you can do. In most current magical paths it is common to practice devotion to the divinities according to the passage of the moons and the seasons; with Eros

Detalle de Diana en el Baño de Francisco Reigón (1858)

Where are the lesbian goddesses?

When we delve into the myths and stories of the different cultures, lesbianism does not seem to have almost any kind of prominence. There are goddesses who can have some relationship with beings of the same sex, but this is usually somewhat anecdotical in their stories and more than lesbians they would be considered bisexual

Hechizos de amor

How to bottle love, brew desire, even put a stopper on a heartbreak

One of the most common requests that people who dedicate themselves to witchcraft or magic in some way are usually related to love. Since the Shrine was founded, we have received a large number of messages and requests about recovering an ex, making someone feel or stop feeling something for another person, amarres (mooring love

Ritual de Eros Eleuterio

Freedom ritual with Eros Eleuterio

We live in a time when we need to reclaim freedom and our rights in the face of oppression that does not seem backwards, but on the contrary it seems that every day wants to get bigger and stronger again every day. We need to counteract the efforts of those who want to undermine our

Eros Eleutherio

Eros Eleutherios: the god of freedom

As much as we search we will not find a goddess of freedom in the Hellenic pantheon as we find Libertas in the Roman pantheon, although we do find Eleuteria as a personification of freedom without worship or temples. And it is not that the Greeks did not have a concept of freedom, but it