The Shrine of Eros was born with the idea of rescuing the figure of Eros within paganism and returning to him the status of an ancient as a principal and independent deity since at present he is often considered as a dependent deity of Aphrodite or other gods. We seek a greater understanding of sexuality, gender, love, relationships, self-esteem and all kinds of emotions and find answers through the path of paganism.

We believe, as Wiccans, in a personal, experiential experience that transforms and transforms every fiber of your being by integrating deeply the emotional and spiritual experiences that come from working with Eros.

We currently offer training such as:

  • Devotee of Eros. A course where you will know the basic tools and deepen in the most important aspects to connect and devotion to Eros.

Soon we will also offer training as:

  • Priesthood of Eros
  • Sacred Masculinity