In the Shrine of Eros we work for the community through these projects:

  • We celebrate monthly devotions to Eros.
  • We perform oracular services linked to Eros.
  • We organize the Peace and Love Prayer every Friday.
  • We celebrate rites associated with Eros both in the dates that have been consolidated in the reconstructive calendar Hellenic as in other more modern.
  • We create written materials and courses on sexuality, love, relationships and emotions in general within the framework of Wicca, paganism and other practices.
  • We create and direct the Pagan Observatory of Eros where we seek to support the members of the pagan community in the field of sexuality, gender and LGBTQ thematic by creating statistics, small studies and fighting any kind of discrimination that could suffer.
  • We offer support to all the pagans who are going through a complicated emotional situation in the measure of our possibilities and also directing them towards professionals of the psychological field if the case were given.
  • We offer support to LGBTQ pagans who are going through periods of confusion, fear or pain. This translates into support and advice in situations such as: transitioning from a transsexual person, “getting out of the closet”, facing complicated circumstances due to their sexuality, etc.

Coming soon:

  • We organize White Tents to explore the sacred masculine in a sacred space where we learn from each other.