The Shrine

The Shrine of Eros works in a Wiccan paradigm but does not belong to any specific tradition at present. The Shrine is located in Salamanca (Castilla y León, Spain) under the care of its guardian and first priest Roble Tormenta.

On August 18, 2015, Roble Tormenta, following his devotion to Eros, founded this Shrine to initiate a change in the pagan community. Calling attention to issues of gender, love and sexuality linked to paganism became the main reason for creating a space open to all.

Another of the main reasons that carry out the founding of the Shrine is to establish bases and rescue the cult of Eros. Within paganism in general we find Eros as a secondary figure associated in most cases with Aphrodite, subordinating his influence in the world to her, making him also the son of this goddess and part of her entourage. Many of those who know Eros do in their connection with Aphrodite in their appearance in the myths of other gods but what Eros can offer is much more.

To rescue his figure as an independent divinity and to dive into the few pursuits and studies that have been dedicated exclusively to this God was necessary. Eros is a god whose potential is not being used today. This is due mainly to the ignorance of his figure and his worship which makes it impossible for him to approach without fear of Him. This is why this Shrine seeks to refound and consolidate a knowledge about the God and provide sufficient tools for other pagans, wiccans or not) can devote him and immerse theirself in the gifts and ecstasy that Eros provides.

Our motto, “All acts of love are sacred“, perfectly sums up our intention and purpose. We believe that restoring and integrating all forms of love, desire, sexuality and gender into paganism in a sacred way will bring about positive change at all levels. On a personal level, he will allow us to free ourselves from ties, prejudices and to live more fully experiencing love and pleasure in a complete way. At on the community level, he will allow us to be closer, more understanding and tolerant of one another, both within and outside the pagan community.

Our sigil, symbol of the Shrine, responds to the heraldry adopted by many pagan covens and groups today. We find a double heart in Tyrian Purple surrounded by a circle in the same color on a light blue background. The outer heart represents love, emotions and relationships with others; also symbolizes the arrows of Eros having its inner termination as an arrowhead, which also refers to the male divine, one of the central pillars of Wicca. The inner heart represents the self-love and the emotions that we maintain with ourselves; also represents the arc of Eros having in its ends rrounded endings which in turn lead us to the symbolism of the sacred feminine.

First sigil of the Shrine of Eros

The original colors of the Shrine of Eros were red and pink, colors typically associated in magic with sex and romantic love. On March 16, 2016, the heraldic colors of the Shrine changed. Following that Roble Tormenta meditated with the verses of Sappho where she refers to Eros dressed in purple, and thanks to other priests, the keeper gave the right colors. The Tyrian Purple was one of the colors used to dye clothes in Ancient Greece, so it would be the color that the poetess of Lesbos was referring to. The Purple, being a color that seems to be between the red and the pink, two  colors that traditionally in the magic have been used for the love seems to perfectly pick up that magical vibration. But we had to complete the chromatic change. Eros, besides being a god linked to love, is a god who ruled the rains and the wind, especially the one that brought fertility to the fields. In addition it governs the emotions, and this is the kingdom of the water, for that reason we chose to change the bottom of the sigil of the Sanctuary by the celestial blue that combined better with the new tyrian purple.

The objectives of the Shrine of Eros are:

  • The diffusion of information about God Eros and the divinities that are linked to him.
  • The dissemination and creation of a formal cult to Eros since there is very little information available about it.
  • The organization of online courses on Eros and related divinities.
  • Work with Eros as the Primordial God of Love, to teach love for others, for oneself and all beings.
  • Through his God-side of Love, we work with Eros in all forms of love: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, genderless, etc.
  • We will work with the deity as Eros Eleuterio (Ἐλευθερεύς – Liberator) on what it means to be a man in a deep sense, and of course, also what it means to be a woman. The liberation arrives by giving new archetypes linked to gender and sex outside the culturally oppressive currents
  • Research on other forms of love that do not include traditional gender concepts like queer theory and other gender theories in binary terms because all forms of love are sacred.
  • Help for the self-recognition of our sexed being in order to lead a healthy, full and complete life.
  • Awareness of a healthy and safe sexuality within the framework of paganism beliefs, since Eros is also the God of Sex. In addition, special emphasis will be placed on the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
  • The healing of our deepest self from guided meditations and rituals at a distance based on self-love and love for others.
  • Support and help LGBTQ members of the pagan community.

Anyone can benefit from our activities, regardless of whether it is wiccan or not, although this Shrine is based on wiccan beliefs as a guide to do our work.