Under the wings of Eros – A devotional course

Under the wings of Eros Devotional Course

Learn the necessary to begin a devotion to Eros, begin to delve into its mysteries and experience the freedom and love that He offers. Delve into the sacredness and the ecstasy that are experienced under your wings, know your grace and your power. From the personal altar to the love that governs everything. The road opens before you.

In this course we offer more extensive information about Eros than we can find on the Internet and in more general mythological books. You will learn to set up an altar, different ways of focusing on devotion (from a Wiccan perspective or a Hellenic perspective for example), rites to work more deeply with Eros or meditation and exclusive activities of the Shrine.

The duration of this course is six months (although you can do it in more time depending on the rhythm you have). During this time you will have Rev. Roble Tormenta to guide you, advise you and advise you within your devotion to Eros.

The course will cost 7 euros per lesson that will help pay part of the cost of the maintenance of the Shrine and its projects.

The first step to start the course is registering.