Monthly devotion to Eros

The fourth day of each month the Greeks worshiped Eros together with other deities. It based on the attic calendar this is the fourth day after the new moon.

From the Shrine of Eros we propose worship the Bearer of the Golden Arrows with a simple devotion.

The fragrances and smells, are some of the things that leave an impression in our memory, when we smell a certain scent we reminisce of a couple, an ex-partner or loved one. Since there should be a connection of scent with feelings, we will use this to worship Eros.

Traditionally the ancient Greeks linked violets, quince and apple with love, the field on which governs Eros; even mint might be a good option. So offering essence of these plants or incense is the best way to communicate with him.

An aromatic apple or violet candle can also serve, as well fragrances that are considered aphrodisiac like cinnamon and vanilla, although these can be used, it is best to try to find fragrances aforementioned as cinnamon and vanilla were not present in the old times, they have their origin in the East and therefore did not come into use in the cult of Eros. However if you can’t find violet, apple, quince or mint fragrances, incense or candles then you can use cinnamon and vanilla essential oils (two drops of cinnamon and vanilla five).

Lift incense or essential oil to the sky, you’re going to make offerings and say:

Dear and beloved Eros today I give you honor and devotion. Accept this offering from my heart.

Light the incense, candle or essential oil diffuser:

I invoke you Winged God,
Lord of all hearts
Whose reign covered the sky, the deep seas,
The land and the other world.
You are the engine that drives the cosmos,
Every emotion, every feeling are your manifestations.
Archer of the Golden Arrows
Was accurate with me and fast on my call,
Flies fast to me and give me to the love
Like a lover is given to thee,
Like today I give myself to you.
Guide my heart.
Eros I call and I honor you.

Now take a drum or a percussion instrument and begins to recreate the rhythm of a heartbeat. Let yourself go with the rhythm and immerse yourself in the beating of the cosmos.

Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and meditate on Eros, love, your past and present relations… Today something will be revealed….