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Pain, anguish, despair… are feelings that crowd in our interior in such an intense way that we look overwhelmingly for anything that relaxes our feelings. A broken heart and the feeling of exhaustion of love, of life, of relationships are symptoms of the end of a romantic relationship. This is a very typical time when many people turn to Eros to ease their grief in one way or another. If you really dare to take the step you will find much more than you expect.

Seeking for Eros

The above example is just one of many by which someone approaches Eros. Other times they simply do it because they are too afraid of loneliness, they want to find a partner or they are tired of suffering disappointments. Who approaches Eros in a legitimate way and without double intentions usually finds much more than they expected.

To meet Him is to meet with a warm, receptive, affective energy, like an embrace filled with the most immense and infinite love you can ever imagine. From experience, be it my own or those who have asked for help to get to Eros, it is relatively easy to find him, but there are times when we look for him and he seems distant, silent or absent.

Some of these times are when we think we need it most, when we need his strength and energy eagerly. The rituals, the spells, the prayers, the meditations, everything seems to take us anywhere except at his side. Normally that is what it seems but in the end you realize that he is always there, although he seems absent, Eros is always present, it’s just that we were not listening to what he had for us, we were looking for a concrete and different answer to what we needed.

Get to Eros

As with almost any divinity, before we can hear they we need to find they. Before you begin to cleanse a space, consecrate it and make an altar to Eros, I will tell you that there are much simpler things you can do to begin to establish a connection with Him.

Using his symbols such as the bow and arrows, an aulos, torches, eggs, or images or objects with the energy of a fawn, can help you to connect with Him. Many times his symbols, including hares and roosters, appear in a sudden form. This is a sign that Eros is closer to us than we think.

But not only symbols create a direct connection with Him, we can find him in many aspects of our daily life, from a couple that walks embraced, the affection of our friends or family or the life itself breaking through among the most adverse conditions possible. There is an infinity of possibilities to connect with his loving energy.

Find Eros

Apart from using his symbols as a key to reach him, we can do other things to reach him. Making offerings of fresh flowers such as violets, herbs such as mint or fruits such as quince, are good starting points but it is also a stop to listen and feel the energies of the rains. They are simple acts but with a clear intention to connect with Eros become powerful rituals.

Power this magical act of connection by reciting your favorite prayer to Eros or simply letting your heart express itself without fear. Making the effort to break down our emotional barriers and let feelings flow freely when it comes to contacting Eros is something that greatly facilitates things and is greatly appreciated by Him.

There are many canonical and historical associations with Eros, you can find a list of correspondences here, but in the end you are the one who has to build your link and your relationship with Him. I have found that the usual and more formal correspondences usually work for everyone but there are also some personal ones that only work for oneself because they reflect the relationship we forged individually with Eros.

Eros is the primordial love, the primal force that moves the world, He is Fanes in the Orphic cosmogony, He is everywhere. But that He is everywhere doesn’t mean that we are going to find Him in a simple way, it is not the obligation of Eros to go every time we are rejected by someone we liked (just to put the simplest and dumbest example possible). It is our obligation to seek Him, find Him and establish a relationship with Him.

The Devotion to Eros

A bad practice within paganism and modern witchcraft is to work with the gods as if they were geniuses of the lamp. Eros is not an entity that you can call every time you go wrong in love and you want Him to help you to manifest your desires with a snap of his fingers. Eros is there to guide you, to protect you, to comfort you, to help you understand you, and sometimes, and only sometimes, he can make the most impossible things happen.

If you really search with sincerity and want to establish a connection with Him, you must let those ideas, those needs relate in a natural way with his energy. You must not make that connection or ask for your wishes as if he were a magic source or your fairy godmother. The key here lies in what is in your heart for the Archer.

Eros is not just a deity in charge of crushes, relationships or sexual desire, that’s only a very small part of what it really is. He is Biotoio (The substance of life itself), He is Aerio (Misty, Infinite), but He is also Agnos (Pure). There is nothing that his arrows or his power cann’t reach.

If for some reason the connection is not established at some point, the fault may be on our side and not in his. Being so overwhelmed with a problem and believing that there is only one solution (although this is not good for us) can obfuscate us so much that we think we called him when we had not even “dialed”. It is much simpler to ask him to guide us to find a solution than to ask for a miracle.

Some tips to establish devotion

If this is the first time you approach Eros to initiate a devotion you should ask yourself if you are prepared to be his devotee. If you only want to lease their services so that your love problems I will save you a lot of expenses on candles and essential oils: it will not work. Be clear that you expect in your devotion to Eros, what kind of connection you want and what intensity in the relationship you are looking for. I have met a lot of people who have answered these questions in many different ways and with different degrees of involvement and when their intentions were really sincere Eros always made himself present.

If you are ready for your devotion or if you are already on it, then you should investigate. Ask questions, read books, learn from ancient texts such as cosmogonies or hymns. Read and search thoroughly, ask when you’re not sure, learn his epithets, all of them, and not just those related to love or sex.

Finally before doing any work of witchcraft or devotional ritual to find and communicate with Eros, keep in mind that nothing is free. It is a simple rule in all magic and found in all the mythologies and religions of the world in one way or another. Have prepared and thought the offerings that you will give him and create a sacred space that honors Him in a correct and respectful way. If you do it from the most sincere desire, from the deepest part of your heart, rest assured that there will be very few chances that you can be wrong.


Roble Tormenta

Roble Tormenta

Guardian and Director of the Shrine of Eros, First Priest and Oracle of Eros. Wiccan and witch since 2004. Bearer of the Light of Hecate. Master in philosophy, community manager, editor and publisher, artist.
Roble Tormenta

Roble Tormenta

Guardian and Director of the Shrine of Eros, First Priest and Oracle of Eros. Wiccan and witch since 2004. Bearer of the Light of Hecate. Master in philosophy, community manager, editor and publisher, artist.

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