Monthly Devotions to Eros in 2023

Whether you are a devotee of Eros, just beginning to connect with Him, or just curious about Eros, devotion is the most basic and powerful practice you can do. In most current magical paths it is common to practice devotion to the divinities according to the passage of the moons and the seasons; with Eros you can do it in the same way, depending on the area in which you live, according to the rhythms that you observe in nature and the sacred times that mark the tradition that you follow, if you follow one, although here we will only give you the dates and the basics so you can adapt it to your needs.

Monthly Devotions to Eros 2023

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Eros is not Cupid: differences and similarities

Eros is not Cupid: differences and similaritiesOne of the most common problems when someone wants to get close to Eros is that the information they can find is limited and when they find it, it doesn’t even get to be all about Eros. The simplification and didactics to bring mythology to people of all kinds has made that when the figures of Eros and Cupid are explained they are equivalent and that the attributes of one and the other are interchangeable when they were not originally. But there is also a historical reason that to this day we continue to drag this error, an error that many people within paganism and witchcraft, when they enter the worship of any of these gods, fail to recognize because most of the more habitual sources usually repeat it.

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We are a Correllian Formal Shrine

Santuario de Eros Correllian Wicca

When this Shrine was founded on August 18, 2015 one of its objectives was to be recognized by the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca as a Formal Shrine. This recognition is only granted to priests and priestesses who request it within the Tradition and after being initiated as a priest of first degree our guardian, the Rev. Roble Tormenta, requested the recognition of Formal Shrine being granted this only a few days later.

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Finding Eros: suggestions at the beginning of the road

Eros triumphant looking at an arrow

Pain, anguish, despair… are feelings that crowd in our interior in such an intense way that we look overwhelmingly for anything that relaxes our feelings. A broken heart and the feeling of exhaustion of love, of life, of relationships are symptoms of the end of a romantic relationship. This is a very typical time when many people turn to Eros to ease their grief in one way or another. If you really dare to take the step you will find much more than you expect.

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Introduction to Eros

Eros Figure

Nowadays the image we can have of Eros through art (especially since the Renaissance) is that of a winged and chubby boy who shoots arrows so that people fall in love. For those who go a little deeper in mythology, Eros is found as a lesser god, the son of Aphrodite, who over time became the chief divinity of love, sex, and fertility that until then had been the domain of Eros. The name of Eros (Ἔρως in ancient Greek) literally means “love.” The same word for the Hellenes served to name the god and the feeling.

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