We are a Correllian Formal Shrine

Santuario de Eros Correllian Wicca

When this Shrine was founded on August 18, 2015 one of its objectives was to be recognized by the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca as a Formal Shrine. This recognition is only granted to priests and priestesses who request it within the Tradition and after being initiated as a priest of first degree our guardian, the Rev. Roble Tormenta, requested the recognition of Formal Shrine being granted this only a few days later.

Formal Shrine Charter Shrine of ErosThis recognition means the support of the Correllian Nativist Tradition to this Shrine and that of the Shrine to Tradition as well as the performance of its activities within Wicca. But this doesn’t mean that we works exclusively with wiccans or with members of the Tradition. As we have been doing since the foundation of the Shrine, we are committed to the whole pagan and witchcraft community, so even though, on the basis, many of our approaches and works are from Correllian Nativist Wicca, we are always open to the participation of people from other traditions and faiths. creeds We also work so that any person feels welcome inside the Sanctuary regardless of their sex, gender, ethnicity, origin or religion.

But not only do we want to announce this recognition, but from this moment we open the membership process for anyone who wants to be part of the Shrine and forge and expand their devotion to Eros. As we know that not everyone can commit for different reasons we have also created a devotional group on Facebook: The Temenos of Eros, to gather all the devotees of Eros and share experiences and information.

We also want to announce the Under the Wings of Eros, a devotional course that will provide the basic tools to forge a devotion to Eros such as learning more about their figure, ways to create a devotional rite in different traditions, as well as activities and meditations exclusive of the Shrine. This is a great start for all those who want to get close to Eros and experience the freedom and love that it can offer us.

We will continue to organize the monthly devotions to Eros so that anyone can approach the Winged Archer in a simply way, and the Peace and Love Preayer weekly so that tolerance and acceptance become a wave of energy that floods the hearts of the world. In addition to continuing to share information about the divinity from more inclusive perspectives and how our spiritual path is a transformative path both internally and externally. We will also continue with the project of the Pagan Observatory de Eros in order to have a broader vision of the diversity and situation of the LGBTQ collective within the pagan and witchcraft community.

This is the one step more within the Shrine of Eros, but it is not the culmination of its activities, because we have many projects in development that we hope will shed some light on Eros as well as on sexuality, gender and emotions inside and outside in paganism. Our motto is: Every act of love is sacred, and therefore we will be there where it is necessary to claim the sacredness of that manifestation of love, of that manifestation of Eros.

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